Kaos Kart Shop is a full service shop that sells karting equipment, kart chassis, engines and provides karting services such and track side support, equipment transportation, arrive and drive service, classroom coaching, flow bench services and frame straightening services.

One of the most unique kart shops in the business. Our team works full-time to deliver the top of the line equipment that goes through each aspect of the kart to make sure when race day comes, we are well prepared to be racing for the wins in every class we enter. We do what it takes in the shop all week long to get to the next level.

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The team we have at KKS has decades of racing experience all around the world, and the owners hold some of the biggest wins in the kart racing in their resumes. If you are looking to just start out in karting, or continue to compete at the highest level, we are the team you are looking for to help.

Kaos Kart Shop Winning Team


Kart storage can be more like a spa for your equipment. We can go through your complete kart from motor to chassis and all the odds and ends you wouldn’t think to look at when prepping your kart for the next big race. Our team doesn’t just stop when we leave the track, ever hear the saying “Races are won in the shop”? Our team puts together nothing but the best for our drivers to make sure they are ready to stand on that top spot of the podium!

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Race Prep is one of the most important things in racing. “FAILING TO PREPARE, IS PREPARING TO FAIL”! We the most detailed mechanics when it comes to race prep. We break down the karts to nothing and go through each nut and bolt, each bearing, the entire motor along with every inch of the chassis to make sure we are preparing the perfect scenario for you to win with. We study the rule book of each series to make sure we are coming prepared with anything you will need and not left wondering how you overlooked something so simple.

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The best way to go racing is where you just show up with your suit and helmet and jump in and go! Along with all of our programs we offer a full arrive and drive program that allows you to just worry about getting the the track and focus on your race. Our team is ready for any skill level to take the track. Who said you have to own a kart to get into the kart racing we can supply it all.

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Not too many shops offer the in depth engine tuning that KAOS KART SHOP has to offer. With one of the best engineers with the longest tenure in the sport racing as a whole, Dave Leonard knows how to find the edge of added power by fine tuning every single inch of an engine. With some of the latest technology to work with, this is one of the best offerings KKS has that makes them a one stop shop. Putting something together from start to finish isn’t something everyone has to offer.

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One of the biggest assets KOAS KART SHOP has to offer is the coaching. With some of the most well seasoned today drivers have come through their program and went on to become some of the best race car drivers. Not only do the guys who run KOAS KART SHOP have that knowledge and trophies to prove what they have won. They are able to communicate it to the drivers who are still learning and gaining those fractions of a second to get them to the top, but the past drivers who moved up still come down to help with coaching. Don’t think you need coaching? Some of the top drivers in the world still use driving coaches today to help them understand where they can improve though data acquisition, onboard video and a lot of other ways as well.

Kaos Kart Shop Coaching


A tough spot to be in the sport of racing of any level is a bent frame or even a cracked frame. As we are an all hands on kart shop, we can bring that kart back to its original dimensions. Have a crack in your frame as well? Got in a bad crash on track? We have all the proper tools to get that kart in shape as fast as possible to race at the top level and back winning races without the huge bill of another brand new frame. Just because your kart was bent once or has a crack in the frame does not mean it will never be the same again. We have seen some of our best karts go under the knife and come right back to life!

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